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About Nahleh Educational Consultations

Our Mission

NEC - Group strives to serve students with outstanding educational solutions in respect with overseas study. We mainly focus on attracting and maintaining students ambitious to accomplish great academic goals. By adhering to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services surpasses beyond typical expectations of our clients.

Executive Summery

This strategic marketing plan presents an overall approach of Mr. Ashraf K.A. Al Musheiti - President of NEC- Group - the group services, its marketing analysis, its target market, and the marketing strategy.
As educational services has been the fastest growing and most attractive area over the last 10 years, as well as being the most competitive; embarking upon pursuing postgraduate studies has been increasing constantly, which places NEC-Group in face of a serious and important challenge which manifests in providing top quality service with.

Business Overview

Nahleh Educational Consultations, known as NEC- Group was established in 1963 to operate in Amman-Jordan. It has been serving education seekers for almost five decades. NEC-Group is concerned in sending talented students to study abroad to pursue their academic path; helping them to find and decide on the right school and / or right area of study.


  • Al-Nahleh awarded the first classAl-Nahleh Education Consultant group has been awarded the first class

  • Study in USA & CANADAStudy in USA & CANADA Admission & Registration

  • UTeM, will be having a Lecturer Recruitment from JordanBetween May 26 – 27, 2012